Restaurant Review: Flip Burger Boutique [Buckhead]

fliplogo 3655 Roswell Rd, NE

Atlanta, GA  30342


Unfortunately, the service prevented me from actually tasting the food of the infamous Flip Burger Boutique.  Like so many other foodies, I became intrigued by the famous Nitrogen-inspired chef, Richard Blais, from Bravo’s Top Chef.   I finally made plans to go after wrapping up my grocery shopping on Saturday. It was about 2:30pm in the afternoon and I was starving.  When my friend and I pulled into the parking lot, I was excited because it wasn’t many cars.  This should translate to good service, good food…well, it didn’t.  The building was very contemporary and the interior of the restaurant did not disappoint with the chic red and white decorum.  As soon as we walked through the front glass doors, we were met by a full bar.  I looked to my left to locate the hostess station.  Initially, no one was there to greet us.  After about 5 minutes, a young lady came over and asked “How many?”  I said, “Two”.  She asked us to hold on as she walked to the back of the restaurant.  Meanwhile, my friend walked to the restroom which was located in the back of the restaurant.  He heard the hostess complaining about something.  By the time he made it back to the front of the restaurant, he asked me why I was still sitting there.  I told him that I was waiting for the hostess to return.  After 10 additional minutes of waiting,  she said that she had a tabletop ready for us.  I asked if we could sit in the booth next to the tabletop.  She grimaced as if I was asking for too much.  She finally conceded, walked us to the booth, and gave us our menus.


I already knew what I wanted to order because I has been scoping out this restaurant for a while.  It was my intent to order the lamburger which consisted of a lamb patty, citrus goat cheese, marinated veggies, tzatziki and arugula.  My friend, a non-foodie, wanted to order the Classic which was accompanied by bibb lettuce, pickled onions, sliced tomato, ketchup, FLIP sauce and pickles.  Simple enough, right?…Wrong.  After waiting to be noticed and then waiting to be seated, we were now waiting to be waited on!  I must admit that I had a bit more patient than my friend, who was beginning to become frustrated.  I did become a little leary after scanning the plates of some of the patrons.  The food did not look impressive as all of the hype that surrounds this restaurant.  I did not allow the appearance of the food discourage me.  Alas, a waitress comes to the table with 2 cylinder glasses of ice water.  She never said her name.  She just sat the waters on the table and said “I’ll be right back”.  Well, needless to say, 15 minutes later….she still did not make it back.  By this time, I was vamished.  I looked at my friend and he looked back at me.  We both said, “let’s go”.  In essence, we never got a chance to place our order.  I am so disappointed because I was so looking forward to trying one of Richard Blais’s creations.  I had such a horrible experience at the Buckhead location.  Perhaps, the Midtown location will provide a better level of service.
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